Are you looking to Market Your Services in China?

Are you looking to Market Your Services in China?

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Market Me Global Team is Very happy to announce Partnership Collaboration with The Experts of the SEO Chinese Market. Another Milestone achieved that will bring More Synergy and Interdependence So we can Help Your Brand Reach Global Markets & Be One Step Ahead.

So if you ever tried to advertise in the Chinese Market and wondered how can you reach the Google of China? Well, Today, We can offer you the ability to advertise Your Services in China, by Local Chinese Experts that know what Consumers Seek and which Keywords use to Reach Your Services.

Let me rephrase with more of a Simple lingo, Imagine You Own a Forex Startup Firm and would like to Promote Your Brand in China… You would either travel, open a Branch and Invest in Conferences and Physical Meetings in order to Reach the Right Audience and Test the Market with your Services, which nowadays is quite a challenge with the Lockdown Measures and Pandemic


Well, By Signing a Yearly Lead Generation Contract with Market Me Global, You are Able to Test the Market beforehand for 1 Year, Advertising and Reaching New People that are mostly surfing on the internet other brokers like you and Your Competition, at more then 70% less the Costs that you would incur if you would invest in opening a Branch, Hiring a Team, travelling and accommodation etc…

The Idea here is that with this New Partnership, Market Me Global will put Your Brand in China with a Team of Chinese Experts to Understand if it's Worth to Invest further with Branches. Not only will you have more Time to Focus on other Global Markets, While Resting Assure that you are Reaching 100’s of Thousands of Digital Advertising Space in a Unique Market like China, Then you can focus more on the Results and KPI’s in order to achieve a Greater Overall Effective Presence and Have more Consumers Trust Your Services and invest in Your Services in order to Get Their Deliverables.

We have seen our Partners in Action and was Amazed by the Results.

What are you waiting for?

No need to conduct Your Research, We have Done if For You!

Simply Send us an email at [email protected] with the Subject “ Take my brand to China “

And one of our Team Members will be happy to onboard you and Make It Happen!