Why Rebranding is Important in Digital Marketing ?

Why Rebranding is Important in Digital Marketing ?

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When someone Starts a Start up, The first thing one must consider is Brand Identity, It should be represented by a Logo, Brand Color and ideally to have a Brand Book. The Logo should be Defining the Services or Products at a Graphical Level. The Colors should follow the Brand Identity too, for example If you own a Restaurant, Psychology States that the Color " Red " Triggers Appetite. More over the Font is another Factor to consider, one Must Choose his Font according to what he offers.

Further to that, Psychology states that Consumers Love Change, Innovation. Here comes Rebranding ! Which is a Marketing Strategy that should be applied when you want to Reach New Audiences, The vision of the brand have changed, New Partnerships, Undergone a Defamation and want to Exalt etc..

We will show you here a short timeline of Market Me Global Rebranding in the Past years so you can take ideas. 

2017 | The First logo 

2018 | Second Logo 

2020 | Third Logo

2021 | Fourth Logo

As you can see from above example, Rebranding was applied and nearly every thing was changed. In 2020, Market Me Global has its own Font, Color Code and Identity Rebranded.

Here are 3 Benefits of Rebranding that we Felt 

1) It felt like starting a New Company each rebranding session but in Reality its Empowering the existing Brand with New Ideas, New Trendy Design and a Great Outlook 

2) It created Memory Triggers and Self-Inspiration to love Your Brand even more. You see it Growing and Changing which also Show to your Potential Clients that you are always innovating and indeed following the latest Trends.

3) It improved the Design of the overall Brand and we realized more interaction with Potential & Existing Clients. 

All Fortune 500 and Big Companies such as Google have done Rebranding from time to time. It is a Necessary Practice if you want the Brand to keep growing and Fans to keep Supporting you. 

Have you Done your Rebranding ? Are you Starting up and not sure about how to make your First Logo ?

Market Me Global Team is here Ready to help you Grow and Keep your Digital Presence Healthy and Trendy. 

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