What is Lead Generation ?

What is Lead Generation ?

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What is Lead Generation ?

Many Years ago, When Internet was not as Popular and used as Nowadays, The Sales Process used to be Mostly on Door to Door, Leaflets, Newspaper Ads, Radio, Television Ads etc... However The Sales Process Cycle is Changing Year by Year and at a even Faster Pace. Since Consumers Spend on a Daily Basis 5-6 Hours on Average in their 24 Hours on Smartphones.. It is Wise to Invest in Online Lead Generation Outsourcing Contracts in order to Market to the Right People, on Their Specific Interests in order to Achieve Their Consent in Filling up on Your Offers and Services by Leaving Their Contact Details and Handed to you. 

Market Me Global is Specializing in this Field, We Deliver for you All the Leads on a Daily Basis, We can Discuss Additional Solutions such as Automations, We can Deliver All Your Leads to Your CRM and Many more Mesmerizing Flows. 

Why Outsource to Market Me Global Team ? Well, Further to Years of Practical Experience with Different Companies, and Collaborators, We have Built one of the Strongest Global Connections of Graphic Designers, Video Producers, Social Ad Engine Specialists, Webmasters and Digital Marketing Specialists. In other words, We did the Research, Saw Amazing Results thus we know how to Keep Delivering the Best Deliverables. 

Sample of a Lead Generation

A Sample of Lead Generation cannot be given, as Each Case is Unique to the Clients Requirements. However there are some Success Stories with Some Existing Clients where lots of 1000+ Leads where Generated per month and Closed Sales of High Volume up to Million+ Euros occurred.

A Good way to Feel a Sample of our Deliverables is to Discuss Requirements with Market Me Global Team, The Results can start to Show Every Month, However Further to Practical Experience, Good Results Start to Show after 6-7 Month of Constant Marketing, Re-Marketing, Optimization and Deep Analysis of Insights. 

Who is it for ?

Mostly Corporations that has a Group of Sales People looking to Provide them with the Best Leads with High Conversions.

1. Any Sector Company from Forex, Real Estates etc. that have a Sales Team Ranging from 1 to a Big Sales Team.

2. Entrepreneurs that have the Website Ready, but Lack Generating the Leads for them so they can Take Action.

3. Digital Marketing Departments of Companies that are Struggling with Generating High Quality Conversion Ratio Leads. 

4. If you Lack Knowledge in Website Development, Graphic Design, Social Ad Engines, Analytical Skills, This is Where the Team is Specialized. 

5. A Small Business that Lacks the Budget of hiring a Proper Digital Marketing Department, Instead Hiring minimum 5 People to Form a Good Team with Salaries Ranging from 2000-3500 Euros per month + Expenses Each. We Provide a Full Package Solution at up to 70% Cost Savings and Spectacular Results. 

What are the limitations 

There is no Limitations

Market Me Global Team Works at a Transparent Manner, All Marketing Tools are Given Access to the Owners in order to Monitor Statistics, Also its Possible to Work along Existing Teams Agreeing Parts to be Outsourced only. 

What is the Process if i want to Proceed to Buy a Lead Generation Service ?

You can send us an email at [email protected] requesting to Proceed with a Lead Generation Contract.

After that we can Start to Gather Your Requirements through Email Exchange or If you Prefer we can Book a Online Session 

Otherwise if you wish to be One Step Ahead and Fast Forward the Quotation, You Simply Click here  Then " Buy Now " on the Lead Generation Service, Complete the Assessment Quotation Form and You will Receive an offer Three Times Faster.

Thank you for your Time.