What is a Multi-page Website ?

What is a Multi-page Website ?

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Sample of a Multi-Pager

As you can see This Website https://marketmeglobal.com/ is built on the Multi-Pager Deal.

You get Your Own business.com Link, There is a Blog Section, Unlimited Pages, so you can Create Unlimited Landing Pages for Your Products and Services. You can simply Discuss with us Your Requirements, Further to that MarketMeGlobal Team will send you an official Quotation. You will have the option to use Ready Design Made for your Services or Custom Design if you need to make it even more Unique, however Custom Design comes at additional costs.

If you are the Webmaster or IT Manager of a Company or Someone, You can Purchase our Multi-Pager and

You will Get for Free our Website Editing Platform, So You can Design the Website at Your Own Pace for only 249 Euros Per Year !

Create Unlimited Pages, Easy and Simple Drag & Drop, Blog, Ecommerce

Setup the SEO in Minutes, Get Free Stock Images & More

Who is it for ?

If you want a Full Website, with Full Domain and Got some time to invest on Website Development

1. Designers, IT Managers, Webmasters, Tech Savvy, Entrepreneur, Start up, Small to Medium Business

2. Want an Easy Platform to be able to Design the Website by Yourselves and or with some Consulting from MarketMeGlobal Team

3. You can Dedicate some Time to Discuss Requirements, Even some Time to Learn the Editing Platform so You Become the Creator & Can Update Products, Create Special Offers whenever you want, Any Hour of the Day.

4. Wants a Fully Functional Website with Blog, Ecommerce, Eshop, Multiple Pages for Different Products and Services, Want to make Lots of Landing Pages and Use Social Ad Engines to make Marketing Campaigns & more

5. Wants a Fully Website but don't want to Build the Server, Maintain it, Work with Domains and SSL configurations all that Tech stuff, Then have no worries ! Proceed with the Market Me Global Multi-Page and We Got You Covered !

What are the limitations 

The Sky is the Limit.

This does not include Website Development, Should you require Market Me Global Team to Develop the Website Contact us and we can Send you a Quotation.  

Send your requests at [email protected] Stating your Overall Vision and We will Find You All the Solutions You seek !

What is the Process if i want to Proceed to Buy a Multi-Page Website ?

You can send us an email at [email protected] requesting to Proceed with a Multi-Page Website.

After that we can Start to Gather Your Requirements through Email Exchange or If you Prefer we can Book a Online Session To Discuss All your Requirements, It could be that you have a old Website and you want to Migrate to a Newer one, More Trendy, Or Want to Build from Scratch. If we manage to Discuss the requirements within reasonable Time, in 10 Days you will have your Website Up and Running !

Thank you for your Time.