Did you say AI Hologram? Yes we have this solution for your business!

Did you say AI Hologram? Yes we have this solution for your business!

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Do you remember years ago when we used to watch futuristic movies and see all those Holograms of AI People in games that talk to you and explain everything about a specific topic? It was cool, well Market Me Global Team just Partnered with the Best when it comes to Hologram solutions! 

We are proud to announce this Amazing Partnership, we do provide now Hologram Display Solutions for all Industries! 

In principle We can provide the 2 below main Hologram displays:

1) A Hologram animation of a product or service.

2) An Interactive AI Hologram that responds to your requests.

Below are some use cases that can be used, should you see any of the below resonating with you drop us an email at [email protected] and our team will provide you with a custom-tailored solution for your business:

1) Grocery Store

A supermarket can use Holograms in order to increase the value of visiting the specific one and also attract more clients with a Futuristic approach. An AI Hologram explainer can be placed in several places while shoppers are told today's special offers, moreover, it can display specific animations of specific products such as a 6xCola-Cola offer with an amazing 3D Hologram showing the price discount. Moreover, shoppers will get entertained and word of mouth will initiate between them. 

Sometimes it gets very busy in the Grocery store and employees can't manage to serve all their clients, well if you have an AI Hologram solution, it will be available 24/7 ready to inform your shoppers about what to shop, and no need to pay additional fees for that. Employees can work with the AI Hologram as they could also serve their clients while also directing shoppers to listen to all the offers from the AI Hologram. This will increase the innovation of your store, serve clients better, make your store unique and differentiate from your competition. 

2) Hospital 

Many times patients want to know when the Doctors are available or simply want some guidance in the Neurosurgeon room. Well, With our AI Hologram solution, your patients will have all the information needed at several places in the hospital. When it gets overcrowded, they can simply walk by an AI Hologram and ask him questions about anything needed. Moreover, Medicine can be advertised with amazing eye-catching 3D designs that can attract potential buyers. 

Doctors can benefit from Hologram animations when it comes to surgery and diagnosis. Imagine having the ability to project MRI Scans of the brain and giving the possibility for doctors to identify tumors with ease. The possibilities are limitless. 

The hospital can create additional sources of income by partnering with Pharmaceutical companies in order to display their medications. Moreover, when it comes to waiting in a queue to get their number, interactive animations can keep patients entertained while they wait in their queue and get served with utmost satisfaction. 

3) Gamestore

Can you imagine visiting a Game Store and seeing Kratos from God of War Welcoming you? I mean how cool is that? Clients of your store will start promoting your Game Store to all their friends resulting in customer retention. All the offers can be displayed and you will add value to your Store by entertaining your clients while they browse your shop. There will be additional reasons for actually visiting the store rather than shopping online. 

A Smart idea can be to make some hologram animations of a Game or Action Figure and inform your clients that at that specific time and date only In-Store the winner will be announced further a draw will be made, you can even make Kratos announce the winner and mention the winner's name. A lot can be done with our Tailored AI Hologram solution. 

4) Events 

Are you running a big event or even having a kiosk in the event? Well, if you are selling a product, how about to entertain potential buyers with an amazing 3D Hologram of your product? Maybe you are having 2 interested buyers walking at your kiosk, why not engage with one and inform the other to listen to your AI Hologram that explains everything to them? 

We all know when we are at events, we want to also be entertained with up-to-date technology, if you are having a technology product or even any product, displaying it as a 3D Hologram will definitely catch the eye of your potential buyers. 

When it comes to Music concerts, Hologram animations is the trend! Just imagine seeing Elvis Presley shows up at a music event singing Mystery Train as an opening. 

5) Real Estate

How about visiting a Realtor's office and displaying to your visitors a full 3D Hologram of the Villas, Houses? Your visitors can see in detail how the houses are, basically, you offer house viewing and at the same time, you can explain to them in detail about all the rooms, the accessories of the house and hope you can close a real house viewing. 

Luxury buyers want to be entertained, by displaying 3D Holograms of your assets you are showing to your potential buyers that you are up-to-date with technology trends and also they could ask you to have some Decorative Holograms for the house they will invest in! Are you selling a hotel? why not mention that you are selling the hotel with assisted AI Holograms ready for them to entertain their guests! Or let's take it to the next level by adding an AI Hologram that is combined with Smart Home Features? 

6) Artists

Are you a Graphic Designer? we know that you value your art and would want to protect it with intellectual property. What if we told you that we have a solution for that by securing your art in the blockchain through our NFT Partnership solution and displaying your digital art as a Hologram for you to sell or even keep as a collection in your house or board? 

There is no additional works for you to display it as a hologram, we just need your digital animation file and the rest is for us to make it happen for you!

Hologram solutions are the new trend, notice in the current events how many companies use this technology to impress and entertain their audiences with this amazing new technology. We are proud of our recent partnership and happy to inform you that we can offer all kinds of hologram solutions, from decorative to AI Hologram with interactive options. 

Drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know about your project so we can consult and offer you a tailored solution.