Facebook | Instagram & WhatsApp are Down ?

Facebook | Instagram & WhatsApp are Down ?

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As of Today, 04-October-2021, All above Social Media and Instant Messaging Services Were Down.

That is a FACT that All Chief Marketing Officers, Digital Marketing Experts, Companies Globally should note!

Are you Prepared?

The Future is the Metaverse and the Decentralization Global Phase is " Unstoppable " .

Market Me Global Team are already Dealing with Clients and Migrating Some to the Decentralized World and the Metaverse.

STORJ is one of the Many Emerging Innovative Solutions that our Team Uses in order to not Depend on a Single Point of Failure.

Files get Split in Many Machines Globally achieving a Synergy Approach to Disaster Recovery Matters. You can also see Live Where are the Files Distributed.

Going back to the News of the Day where the most Popular Social Media Channels are Down, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp!

Currently, Solutions from the Brands are under development, However until they are launched, what happens when they are down ?

A lot of Decentralized Virtual World such as Decentraland is also trending as we speak.

Here are 6 Decentralized Social Media that are Already Live to look into

1. Peepeth

2. Twetch

3. Steemit

4. Mastodon

5. Publish0x

6. Ignite

The world is moving to a more Secure, Decentralized Digital World, Where NFT's are also adding more value to Artists, Programmers and more

We at Market Me Global always follow the Trends and Adapt to current Technologies.

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