Restaurant Case Study

Restaurant Case Study

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In this Blog post, We are Looking at a Case Study involving a Family that Made Huge Profits in Cryptocurrency Investments and Decided to Invest it in a Restaurant Business. After Opening for a couple of months, the Business is not doing so well. Further to Brainstorming, they realized that they did not Make any Digital Marketing. Further to Purchasing the Market Me Global Multi-Page Website Platform and Outsourcing some Digital Marketing Campaigns to MMG Team. They Manage to Reach Success and Made it Happen !

Market Me Global Team Produced a Short Video Animation for you to Watch the Case Study in a Fun Easy to Understand Format.

We hope you Like it :)

How do I Buy the Multi-Page Website Platform ?

Simply Contact us through any means most convenient to you, We are active replying mails at [email protected] or Simply Drop us a Chat on our Facebook Page. If you want to save some time and would like to get it ASAP, Then Simply Fill up the Questionnaire under Lead Generation.

The Next Step will be the Option to Choose a Free Training Session or Delivering to you the Platform so you can DIY ( Do it Yourself )

It's a Very Easy Platform and can be Learned in Short Time, No Technical/Programming Knowledge Required.

We Provide you with the Painting Board, You are the Artist, Paint Your Art !

What are the costs involved for the Website Platform ?

The Multi-Page Website Platform is only 249 Euros ( Or Equivalent in any other Global Currency or even more than 50+ Cryptocurrencies ) per Year ! You can Create Unlimited Pages, for Every " Plat de jour " Design a Tasty Looking Page for your Clients to Buy !

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