We have Partnered with Global Leader in Real Estates CRM

We have Partnered with Global Leader in Real Estates CRM

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Are you in the Real Estate Industry ? Agent ? Developer ? Entrepreneur ? 

Have you ever wondered which CRM works best for Managing Your Buyers ? Sellers ? 

Maybe you have tried to Test and Download several CRM and couldn't find the Properties, Agents, Buyers separate Categories ?

Well, Market Me Global Team Partnered with a Global Leader in CRM Solutions ! 

The Team Tested the CRM and it covers everything a Realtor Wants. 

Covered Modules :

Leads | Agents | Buyers | Sellers | Contracts ( Title Deeds, etc. ) | Listings | Automated offers of your Database in Seconds | Full Integration with all Automations And much more !

Thought of a feature that you want implemented ? Let's Make It Happen ! With Dedicated Veteran Developers, The Source Code can be Changed in matter of Days and Your Features are there Ready to Test and make your Life Easier.

Why Choose our Consultation and Go with our Tailored Real Estate CRM Solution ?

Out Team was Live in the Real Estate Sector Learning all the Features Real Realtors use in order to cover all the Specific Needs of a CRM that is Specialized for Realtor by Real Realtor Feedbacks for Years ! If you are thinking to Develop your CRM and Start from Scratch its a possibility however it will cost you a lot in the beginning phases and why not go with us and be one Step Ahead ! 

What does Your Realtor CRM Differentiate from a Normal CRM Software ?

A Generic CRM Software covers the basic needs of a Sales Person such as below :

1) Register Lead, Client, Customer info 

2) Register Opportunities 

3) Sales Pipeline

4) Basic Reporting

5) Some integrations 

6) Maybe integrated Mail System in some.

However MMG Real Estate Specialized CRM covers above and Tailored for Realtors as per below :

1) Register Buyers, Sellers, Developers etc. 

2) Property Listings with all the Specifics ( Such as Amenities, m², sea view, plot area, internal, external, open plan, off-plan etc. ) 

3) Full Integrations with Solutions that connect with your Website and Shares all the Updates Instantly 

4) Mail connection and notifications 

5) Very Extensive Management, Sales and any new Sector Reporting System 

6) Light and Fast System 

Contact our Team and arrange a Free Consultation Session so we can Identify Your Needs and look into increasing the Productivity of your Real Estate Company by x10 Times.