What is a Marketing Persona ?

What is a Marketing Persona ?

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Today, we will be talking about Marketing Personas. In Marketing, one of the first things you have to think of before investing in any social ad engine ie. Facebook, Instagram Ads, etc. is Your Target Market, However, have in mind that it can be broad for example, Your Target Market can consist of several segmented audiences such as different Personas.

What are Marketing Personas?

Marketing Personas are imaginary potential clients that you envision to have. They are Profiles of your buyers, For example, you might be a Cryptocurrency Broker, one Persona can be someone who is into trading, likes cryptocurrencies, shares posts about them, hangs out in specific social media channels, etc... you got the point. So you can base your potential clients and have more of an idea who they could be, what are their interests, where do they hang out and more. 

Are Marketing Personas a must when it comes to Launching Ads?

It all depends on if you are working in a Company and you have to follow principles as you are working with a team. For example, if you happen to be the Facebook Ads Manager, then you will probably be given a specific or some personas to market your audience to. There you would have to target your audience's interests, behaviors, and Geo according to that specific persona. It can be helpful to synergize symmetrically and work overall as a team. Basically, it's a Marketing Lingo that is best practice.

Now if you are an Entrepreneur, and you happen to be this one man that does all the ads on all different social ad engines, you could go with a " Quick and Dirty " approach, so basically the difference here is rather than creating a Marketing Persona and invest some time to build it, you start with every social ad engine and brainstorm at the moment what your target audience is according to the tools that the said social ad engine offers. As you know, Each Marketing Tool has different segmentations of audiences, therefore in many cases, you might create a marketing persona that some social ad engines lack in targeting. For example the NFTs or Cryptocurrencies nowadays most of the social ad engines lack knowledge and policies in place in order to market to this specific audience, It's scattered all over the place without specific segmentations. Some started to get educated and offer segmentation such as the ability to choose an audience that is interested in NFTs or Crypto. With time all social ad engines will adapt to this new trending audience and not to mention that Web 3.0 already is one step ahead and offers advertising space to use.

So in summary as you can see, Marketing Persona is an important factor when considering launching ads for your brand, however, in some cases, you can skip the practice of creating personas and go with a quick and dirty approach and do them alongside the campaigns that you will be investing.

How can you create your Marketing Personas if you are already in a reputable brand?

In order to understand who are your Marketing Personas, you have to dig into your audience. So the first thing you have to do in the Research part is gather intel from all your Digital Channels such as your website, Social media, etc.

After that, you have to start the segmentation and understand which industries are browsing your brand, countries, interests, behaviors, etc. Once you have gathered so much data, you can start to create different personas and prioritize which is the most viewed so you can also understand where to invest most in your digital marketing campaigns.

Every 6 Months or a year, this practice should be repeated in order to understand which new industries are noticing your brand and which are getting amplified respectively.

How can you create your Marketing Personas if you just started your Business or start-up brand?

In this scenario, the strategy is completely different, since you don't have enough data, there are several approaches you can implement:

1) Manifest or envision your Personas: So in this method, you have a brand let's say that sells a specific service or product. What you can do is start to envision your personas and focus your content to be as aligned and related. For example, if you started a brand that sells psychology services, the first thing you can think of is what specialty or which topic you are more passionate about ? is it Relationships? Anger Management ? so let's say it's Relationships, then in this case you have to write content related to relationships, and when you advertise you can start to target market couples, dating sites, etc...

2) Invest in Social Ad Engines and study your audience: Since you are a new brand, you will have a new website and new social media, you don't have many audiences there. Some of the strategies you can try first do an organic 6-month content reach and see how your audience grows. Have in mind for organic to work, the content must be quite unique and trending topic, otherwise if it's similar to what others are making, it might work but not as much. You could use a hybrid method by investing also some in social ad engines and studying what kind of audience are you accumulating and from that develop your marketing personas.

I'm still not sure what are marketing personas and how i can identify them for my brand

In this case, you can send us an email at [email protected] and our Team will be happy to book some consulting sessions and identify for you what are your personas. Further to analyzing your traffic and studying your brand and its content, then we can understand what personas your brand has, so you can better tailor your content and services or products to the right target market, moreover your ads will convert even better and you will get more value out of your investments.