What is Custom Quotation ?

What is Custom Quotation ?

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What is Custom Quotation ?

A Custom Quotation is an offer Tailored for Your Needs. At Market Me Global we Listen to the Requirements and Pains of our Clients First in order to Understand them. After That we Research and Come up with the Best Tested Solutions in order to Solve All Your IT Issues.

We are Collaborating with the Best in the World when it Comes to IT Services, Ranging from Ethical Hacking, IT Consulting, Cloud Solutions, Automations and More.

Who is it for ?

Anyone with IT Issues, 

1. A Company Looking to Test Their Security by Making a Penetration Test on their Infrastructure.

2. Someone Looking for Consulting on Automation Flows, Wants to Cut Costs and Produce More.

3. A Company or Individual Looking to go Fully to the Cloud with their Mail Server, File Storage etc...

4. An Investor Looking to open his Company and Seeks Advice for Best Practices when it comes to IT Budgets.

5. Someone that needs an Opinion of a IT Specialist to Further Make Decisions on Some IT Projects. 

What is the Process if i want to Proceed to Buy a Custom Quotation ?

You can send us an email at [email protected] requesting to Proceed with a Custom Quotation and Describe Your IT Headaches.

After that we can Start to Gather Your Requirements through Email Exchange or If you Prefer, we can Book a online Session and Discuss Further. 

Thank you for your Time.