Which internet tools to use for the specific sectors?

Which internet tools to use for the specific sectors?

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When it comes to marketing your brand to your clients, you have to know where are your clients?

Nowadays, we have different tools that clients spend most of their time and that would be the ideal place to market your brand so you can reach them and get some conversions. 

When we say tools, we mean mostly the internet. According to Oberlo Statistics, Research shows that in the second quarter of 2022, the average time spent on the internet per person was 397 minutes (six hours and 37 minutes) per day. 6 hours a day is quite sufficient to place your brand and aim for sales. 

Each sector has its own Tools, so let's dig deeper and analyse further. The internet is very broad, in order to break it down, we can ask ourselves, What are they doing on the internet?

According to Statista, As of 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day, up from 145 minutes in the previous year. We just found out that nearly 3 hours of the 6 are spent on Social Media. 

Further to above, we can confidently use the most popular social media such as Facebook,Instagram,TikTok,Twitter etc.

Why do you need specialists or savvy entrepreneurs such as Market Me Global Team?

Simply because we have used the above tools for years, whether it was for individuals or companies, and delivered results! Of course, you can also invest in yourself and do it yourself, However, we learn from mistakes and surely we did our mistakes and learned thus we will provide you with better value on your investment as we will not repeat the same mistakes. It's up to you if you want to do it yourself or trust us and get a better value for your investment. 

Another of the many reasons why it's wise to outsource is "Time". We have some of our clients work with us because they are too busy either with their personal life, Family, or other priorities within the business that in the 24 hours they cannot cover to do it themselves. 

Now, let us focus on the main topic, we will analyse the Real Estate Sector below and let you know where are your buyers in 2022?

Note that each quarter it's best practice to re-research and get updated as the tools keep changing, when Facebook started in 2004, everything latter changed when it comes to tools, as a huge wave of users switched to Facebook and the tools have changed. 

Where are the home buyers usually in this approximately 3 hours a day on the internet?

In the Real Estate industry, we have another category to break down:

1) The investment Buyers (These are investors buying assets to generate money for them, such as rentals, hotels, business etc..)

2) The Lifestyle Buyers (These are usually families that are looking to relocate to another better country etc..)

3) The Holiday Buyers (These are individuals or can be Families that are looking to buy a holiday home in a sunny place like Cyprus so they can have their holidays there etc..)

There are more categories but we just wanted to name 3 of them above. 

Let us focus on the second category, the Lifestyle buyers. 

The first question one must ask is who (in order to identify the persona) are they?

So we know that they are families, which comprise of Mother, Father and kids. 

Another question to be asked is which internet tools they usually use?

Well, we know from common sense, that Parents use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter for their personal needs, also Linkedin can be an option since they also have business there and an impression can be valid. If we take some statistics, we can also see the 2022 updated fool.com confirming our common sense above projection. 

Concluding that if you want to market to Lifestyle home buyers, you must use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter in order to reach an audience for approximately 3 hours per day. 

What do you need to know in order to market to your Lifestyle homebuyers?

You need a Marketing Budget and to know all the 4 tools quite well in order to get the best value for your investment. As mentioned above you could either invest your time and learn by doing mistakes or outsource to Market Me Global Team where we already invested our time, made mistakes, and learned to target more specifically and get the best value for your return. 

Whether you are a Company looking to generate leads for your sales team or you are just an individual Agent looking to market yourself, we have the right tailored solution for your needs. 

As you see, there is a lot of research to be made before we make any kind of work, we do offer also consulting solutions whether you just want some clarity before you do it yourself. 

Also, it is important to note that one must not expect fast results when it comes to Digital Marketing, ask yourself this question when you see a product you want to buy on Facebook for example, would you buy it instantly? not necessarily as we have a busy life, however, if you would see this AD several times on different days, there will be that day when your psychology tends to buy something at this specific time! We have to consider that the use of Re-marketing, Websites, Landing pages, Automations, Pixels and more need to be considered to get an even more targeted approach and value from your investment. 

Are you ready to increase sales for your Brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to provide you with a limited Free Consulting Session to get you started!