Why is MMG Multi-Page Website Builder Platform is Different than Wix, Shopify, Wordpress and Alike ?

Why is MMG Multi-Page Website Builder Platform is Different than Wix, Shopify, Wordpress and Alike ?

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If you are looking to build a website and Lack the Technical Knowledge, Don't Have Time to Learn it or have other Priorities and would like to Delegate it to Someone. Then Market Me Global Multi-Page Website Builder is the Right Tool and the Team is always here to Deliver Results for you. 

How do we Differ from Wix, Shopify or alike?

1) We don't take any additional Commission on Your Sales, We Provide you with the Website Platform *( You can Do it Yourself ) or We Provide you with a Team of Developers to Build the Website as Custom as you Desire. You Receive 100% Profits on your Sales. 

2) You get Free Limited Training with our Top Expert Consultants and Specialists, Real Human one-on-one Sessions to Get You Started. 

3) You don't need to Work with 3rd Party IT Specialists, Our Team Covers all Fields, From Security, Social Ad Engine, Digital Marketing etc. 

4) You pay for what you get, The Yearly Fees are similar to the average However with MMG Team, you get to choose what to Delegate to Real Humans anything from Professional Video Animation, Graphic Designers, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Baidu and more. 

5) Market Me Global has Success Stories worth more than 3 MM Euros with proven Results on their Unique Lead Generation Strategies.

6) You get a Free Limited Principal IT & Digital Marketing Consulting, That means if you are thinking to implement Complex Big Data Automation Solutions, you get the chance to get the Answers and Solutions for your needs, It's always good to get another opinion! You never know It could Save you a Lot of Money! 


1) What do you mean by Limited?

Market Me Global offers Free Limited Support for New Clients. The Team will mostly Consult you on how to make your requests happen. Moreover you get to have 1 Free limited Training on the Website Builder to Answer all your questions, so to make sure we will cover all your needs. 

2) What if I would like to have additional Consulting or even to let's say Hire a Graphic Designer?

We cover all the Sectors Needed, Should you need a Graphic Designer to Design a Logo for you, we will provide you a Quotation. 

3) I don't understand how to manage domains, SSL, Plugin Updates, i just want a Platform like PowerPoint or alike to just Design the Website, Does your Platform provide that?

Our Platform covers this and even added benefits, we will also assist in consulting you with the " Best Practices ". 

4) Do you offer a Demo on the Platform ? 

We do offer a Limited 1 Week Trial for how the Platform works if you prefer to first look at how it works before you invest. Contact us at [email protected] requesting a Demo and the Team will make it Happen. 

5) Do you offer Hard-Coded Websites ? 

Yes. If you want a Website Hard-Coded from Scratch, we can provide you with a Quotation for that. 

6) On Average how long does it take to complete a Live Website of 30 Images, 6 Videos & 9 Products to sell?

It all depends on Clients Response Time, Clients needs to send us Their Digital Assets such as images, text etc. and our Team is 24/7 Active Globally to Deliver Results, Some Small Projects were completed in 3 Days, Some Large Projects took 1 Month. It Also depends on the Complexity of the Requests and the Revisions. 

7) Do you also Provide Monthly Reporting on your outsourced Digital Marketing Services? 

We have a Dedicated Team of Analysts that will present you for Each Social Ad Engine Monthly or if needed Weekly Reports on the Performance, Conversions, CTR and all the Stats that is used in the said Lingo. 

What are you waiting for ? 

Contact us Today and Let's Make It Happen !