About CrYpTO1nSp3cTor

Welcome to CrYpTO1nSp3cTor Youtube Channel!
I am here to help you adapt to the New Financial World, That's Correct! Money is becoming Digital, Some Countries like India, Germany, Singapore and more globally are Embracing Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and already as you read this, Europe Started initiatives on The Legal Framework for adoption and Deployment!
Let me tell you a small secret! Crypto does not have to be Legal so you can use it and benefit from it!
That's right! If you have the Will to Learn, There is a Way! and that's why i have this channel! to offer you the knowledge For FREE !
More over i do one on one Zoom, Skype etc. Sessions with you, If you want your Crypto Coach lets say :) i'm here for you, i can assist you in anything you are enquiring to know about, some topics for clients that i usually make sessions for are below:
1) Assist in opening an account with broker or Defi and enter the crypto world2) Consult on investments when it comes to cryptocurrencies3) Setup a NFT Platform for B2B 4) Assist in Sending and Receiving of Cryptocurrencies to users5) Open conversation about general cryptocurrency matters6) Assist in Listing of NFTs & More
Who is this Channel for?
1) New to Crypto and willing to Learn 2) Wants to invest in Cryptocurrency and NFTs3) Following Fundamental News about Cryptocurrencies4) Wants to know what is Legit and what is not in the world of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs5) Wants to know what is NFTs and how you can invest in them or even use them. 6) Kill some time :)

New to Cryptocurrencies?Watch Beginner Suggested videos 

Learn how to open an account with Binance on a mobile. Step by Step for complete beginners. Get also a Crypto Bonus while opening the account. 

Learn how to open an account with Crypto.com on a mobile. Step by Step for complete beginners. Get also a Crypto Bonus while opening the account. 

Enter the DEFI Decentralized world and Learn how to open an account with Metamask so you will be able also to join the World of Web 3.0. Also you will have access to all the DEFI Cryptos.

Learn how to open an account with Coinbase from mobile. Step by Step explained as simple as possible. Also get a bonus crypto once you deposit. 

Learn how to manage all your Cryptos and Create your Crypto and NFT Portfolio. This is important as you will be monitoring the profits and losses. Earn FREE NFTs too. 

Learn about Crypto Airdrops and get some FREE Crypto in the process. Explained in a very simple way step by step so you can DIY Do it yourself. Beware from scams in Airdrops. 

Learn how to send Crypto from one user to another. In this video you will learn how to send from a DOGE Native Wallet, however the principal is the same for most. 

Understand the advantages of adopting to the Crypto World. This video explains the benefits of Cryptocurrencies. Join the Trend and be one step ahead as soon the whole world will adapt. 

Before entering the Crypto world or opening an account with a Crypto Broker, one must know how to make due diligence as they say KYB Know Your Broker. This video brings clarity to you. 

Learn what is NFTs and also where they can be used. From Real estates, Artists, Programmers, Musicians and More. This video is an open Discussion and you can drop your Comments, they will be answered very fast and you will get Clarity. NFTs is the Future. 

Don't know which Crypto to invest in?Watch below short 5 min explainer videos recommended Cryptos to start with.

Understand ETHEREUM in just 5 minutes. You will learn about the Founders, Why invest in it? The value of it and the future expansion. If you are not sure which assets to invest this video is for you. 

BITCOIN is the first crypto invented and the Founder is still Anonymous. This video will give you the knowledge to know about this important asset that is speculated to reach 100K soon. Explained in just 5 minutes. 

Binance BNB Crypto is the Largest Exchange in Volume in the world currently. Understand Why its a good asset and know about the Founders. You will also know how to own and how many employees working. 

CRONOS Crypto.com is one of the Largest Crypto exchange in the world with 50+ Million users. It has one of the best Marketing Campaigns including Matt Damon, Formula 1, Qatar Worldcup 2022, Crypto.com arena and more. Understand about this crypto in just 5 minutes. 

Polygon Matic yet another Great investment to consider. Polygon technology is used in Instagram, NFTs, Adidas, Disney and more!Watch this video and make your own judgement if its a good cryptocurrency to invest in, it will only take 5 minutes of your life.

TETHER USDT is the first Stablecoin. This Crypto is very important, its main function is to convert your gains to a more stable and non-volatile crypto asset. Watch the video and get a more understanding of what is Tether and why its an important asset in your Crypto Portfolio.  

Avoid being Hacked or Scammed Watch below videos and Protect yourself

Scams and Hacks in the Crypto World is unfortunately a real case. Watch this video to understand how to choose the Good Brokers, Make your Due Diligence and know what to look at before you invest your money. 

Hackers and Scammers use Youtube and Instagram to manipulate you in stealing your money. This video shows Real Examples and explains to you how to avoid them. Learn how to spot the bad scammers. 

This video teaches you how to avoid being scammed by Instagram Social Engineering. You will see also a Real Example and be knowledgable so if it happens to you to avoid them. 

NFT Games and more

Gods Unchained has over 500,000 Active players. This NFT game crypto reached an all-time high of 8.53 Euros. Have you heard of Hearthstone? well, imagine a better version of it. It's still in BETA Stages, this video explains everything you need to know to get started. Why not earn some passive income while enjoying the games you play?

In this video, Crypto Inspector explains the Toxic Zombie Deck in detail. You will get to know how to play the game even more with this video as you will also see in-game a live match and also with lots of tips. You get to have a Free Deck to copy and reach rank 9 and could be more if you manage to master it!

Interesting Crypto Currency Videos

This video explains real Facts that Crypto currency is most probably invented by Aliens. You will see several convincing scenarios and reasons that indeed crypto is invented in planet Earth to create Disruption and Empower Humans. 

In this Video, Crypto Inspector explains in detail all about FTX Collapse. What should you do? How to invest more securely? How much damage did FTX Collapse affect the Crypto World? This is a must-watch video if you are getting started with Cryptocurrencies.