About CrYpTO1nSp3cTor

Welcome to CrYpTO1nSp3cTor Youtube Channel!
I am here to help you adapt to the New Financial World, That's Correct! Money is becoming Digital, Some Countries like India, Germany, Singapore and more globally are Embracing Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and already as you read this, Europe Started initiatives on The Legal Framework for adoption and Deployment!
Let me tell you a small secret! Crypto does not have to be Legal so you can use it and benefit from it!
That's right! If you have the Will to Learn, There is a Way! and that's why i have this channel! to offer you the knowledge For FREE !
More over i do one on one Zoom, Skype etc. Sessions with you, If you want your Crypto Coach lets say :) i'm here for you, i can assist you in anything you are enquiring to know about, some topics for clients that i usually make sessions for are below:
1) Assist in opening an account with broker or Defi and enter the crypto world2) Consult on investments when it comes to cryptocurrencies3) Setup a NFT Platform for B2B 4) Assist in Sending and Receiving of Cryptocurrencies to users5) Open conversation about general cryptocurrency matters6) Assist in Listing of NFTs & More
Who is this Channel for?
1) New to Crypto and willing to Learn 2) Wants to invest in Cryptocurrency and NFTs3) Following Fundamental News about Cryptocurrencies4) Wants to know what is Legit and what is not in the world of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs5) Wants to know what is NFTs and how you can invest in them or even use them. 6) Kill some time :)

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